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I wish DA would do something about the dead groups. I really do. I get into the group ( I suppose it's set on automatic ) and then my deviation expires twice in the roll!!!!! Just...grrrrrrr...
Secondly, I caught a cold. I hate that. I'm not sick enough to stay in bed and sleep, but can I work? Nooooooo. I sneeze all over my work. And my cats. They hate me now. So what do I do? I go and look through my stock collection of photos I've taken with my mobile phone. Literally, hundreds. And I mean, HUNDREDS. I like walking around with my watercolor sketch pad and paint, but sometimes, it's impossible. Like when the area you want to paint is best seen from the road. And as hardheaded as I am (according to my mum), I don't think I would win in duel with the running car. For a long time, it was a downer, and then I got myself a mob with the camera, and voila!!!! Anyway, I decided to put some of those photos here, on DA. And if anyone wants to use them, please, go ahead. Just notify me first.
Ciao for now!
  • Listening to: meowing, purring, hissing
  • Reading: the moment. Later on, Frijof Capra.
  • Watching: cat?
  • Playing: with a heandkerchief
  • Eating: waiting on a pasta!!!!
  • Drinking: juice
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December 1, 2013


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